Holistic Grounds - French Hospital Medical Center

Holistic Grounds

Healing the Whole Human with Heart

Hospitals are stressful places, which led us to think about the third item in the ingredients of quality care – compassionate caregivers, advanced technology, and an emphasis on healing environments.

We found that stress can be significantly reduced by incorporating green spaces and gardens with views dominated by trees, flowers, or water. In fact, just a few minutes of this kind of relaxation can reduce anxiety and pain. This is what inspired us to build flowing, quiet, and serene spaces that soothe the entire body and mind.

New Green Space Details

In addition to the following green spaces, artwork will adorn the lobby, hallways, and other public areas to soften the clinical aspect of the hospital and bring joy to patients and visitors. Our plan includes:

  • Rooftop garden terrace providing space for sensory stimulation, socializing, and outdoor activities
  • Pedestrian‐oriented entry court with decorative landscaping, ornamental shade trees, and colorful pavement patterns
  • Exterior patio adorned with lush foliage draping from terraced planters to provide respite from the bustle of the hospital


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