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New Technologies

Protecting Our Future with Technology

We are proud to build on our award-winning tradition of bringing the most advanced medicine to the Central Coast by continuing to invest in the best equipment and talent for our new expanded treatment centers. We will acquire advanced MRI equipment, and more robotics. We will incorporate leading edge Digital Medicine and Artificial Intelligence. And we will enhance the entire patient experience with smart technologies for better decision-making and more effective doctor-patient communications.

This transformation in the region’s capabilities will be a beacon for recruiting new, highly skilled clinicians to the area, and will grow the continuum of care we can offer for more complex conditions. At every turn we will challenge the perception of “small town” medical capability, as we always have. And we will keep more of our patients here on the Central Coast with the specialized care they used to travel to metropolitan centers to receive.

Your New French Hospital needs you.

We need your support to better serve you and our community when you need us. As our community continues to grow, our hospital’s greatest need is more space and expanded services — the capacity to serve more patients and increased privacy and comfort for those who entrust us with their care.

Join us in supporting Your New French Hospital. And help us go #BeyondHealth.


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