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Faces of French



Each of us will experience hospital care during our lives in times of crisis, sorrow or joy. When the need for medical care arises, we deserve the highest level of safety, privacy, convenience, access, and humanity.

At French Hospital we are committed to treat the mind, body, spirit, and community while creating wellness and happiness for every life we touch. That is Beyond Health.

Through the Beyond Health hospital services expansion project, Your New French Hospital will transform health care for Central Coast residents. It will bring:

  • 85,000 sq ft new four-story Patient Care Tower
  • 56 new private patient rooms
  • 16-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Helistop for access to faster emergency care
  • 10 additional Intensive Care Suites
  • Enhanced services for medical and critical patients
  • Interfaith chapel and meditation spaces
  • New front entrance, lobby, and parking structure
  • Healing green spaces for relaxation

Learn more about Beyond Health from the people in our community that are making it possible.

Beyond Prepared: Jessi Norris, RN

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Beyond Grateful: Rick + Jill Stollmeyer

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Beyond Dedicated: Dr. Kenyon Tsao

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Beyond Committed: Sal Macedo

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We welcome you to follow along as the Beyond Health campaign continues to shape and change our community’s health care. Sign up below to join the conversation through campaign updates, progress, new developments, and learn more about how you can get involved.