Thinking Beyond

Going Beyond for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


As we close in on the month of October, we want to shed light on Breast Cancer Awareness and the many services French Hospital offers the community at large.

Group of women at French Hospital Medical Center

Breast Cancer Awareness is one of the most highly recognized awareness months in the world for a cause that we find very near and dear to our hearts at French Hospital Medical Center. And, as we always do, we’re taking our commitment a step further in going Beyond Health by providing not just world-class health care for Central Coast residents— but by fostering a movement of holistic healing for our patients and their loved ones.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the world and possesses the second highest mortality rate. It is said that every, 1 in 8 women, in the U.S. are expected to encounter this form of cancer during their lifetime. Because of this, we know the critical and immediate need in our community to have an ample variety of readily available resources during these traumatic times. In fact, we consider it our great privilege and responsibility to offer these benefits to our community— and Beyond. Through our donors, the Foundation supports the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital, which proudly offers a wide variety of resources and assistance programs for our community to help them navigate through a time that can be so devastating to those affected.


Breast Cancer Prevention Fund

The Breast Cancer Prevention Fund is another way that we relentlessly go Beyond to address the Central Coast’s growing health care needs. The fund was created to encourage early detection in patients and take preventative measures to avert the disease from spreading at no charge for the underserved. Services include mammography screenings and diagnostic testing, ranging from ultrasounds to MRIs. These services are at no charge to individuals who are low-income, underinsured, uninsured or unable to afford the out of pocket cost.

Team of women on a canoe with Hearst Research Fund

Hearst Cancer Resource Center

The Hearst Cancer Resource Center is a unique hub of resources for those living with cancer and their families. The Center offers everything from education, an in-house support group, a bilingual patient navigator program, a wig assistance program, and nutritional counseling and assistance—among many other services. All at no cost thanks to our generous family of donors and supporters. 

Photo of Hearst Cancer Resource Center


Women’s Health & Imaging Center

French Hospital Medical Center is also proud to offer a Women’s Health & Imaging Center, conveniently located adjacent to the hospital in the Pacific Medical Plaza. This facility is dedicated to women’s specific health care needs. Services include digital mammography, breast MRI imaging with computer aided detection, stereotactic breast biopsy, osteoporosis DXA screening scans, ultrasound services, and osteoporosis resource center.

It is this mentality that serves as the basis of the Beyond Health movement to transform health care for Central Coast residents.  And, it’s because of the generosity of our supporters that we can continue on our mission. Learn more about how you can become part of Beyond Health today, because our community deserves the best care.


Beyond Health