Thinking Beyond

Going Beyond Health with New Hydration Stations


At French Hospital Medical Center we are committed to going beyond in every sense of the word in order to deliver the most exceptional health care in the most advanced, accommodating and safe facility. And with that, we are proud to announce that we recently installed hydration stations throughout the campus. This recent upgrade helps our environment and promotes hydration and its related health benefits for patients, caregivers and visitors. Equally important is that the new hydration stations offer a safer and more efficient way for users to get water as they are completely hands-free and reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.

This new implementation was spurred by the goal to significantly reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles in the facility and encourage reusable water containers. Did you know that by 2050 there will be 937 million tons of plastic in our oceans which will outweigh all fish? To help our environment French Hospital is committed to eliminating and replacing water fountains with state-of-the-art hydration stations. The hospital cafeteria even has a hydration station that offers sparkling, chilled, hot, or alkaline water, free of charge.

French Hospital has also changed operational procedures by discontinuing the availability of bottled water at all meetings. In place of single-use plastic water bottles, water is offered in large self-serve carafes during onsite meetings. In addition, plastic soda bottles have also been eliminated and replaced with aluminum cans.

Help us celebrate Earth Day by using reusable bottles today and always.

French Hospital Hydration Stations